A Commission, Completed

It's been several week since I was approached with a commission. A Laurel from the Kingdom of the Middle had asked me to produce some preserved goods for her to take to Pennsic.

She gave me free reign over what goods to make, so I took upon myself to produce 5 different items. 2 pickled vegetables, and 3 cured meats.

To accompany the prepared foods, I also took it upon myself to write up some simple documentation for each of the items, as well as general medieval food preservation information.

To that end, I have completed both the commission, and the documentation. Since I am still unable to send food samples over my internet connection, the next best thing is to make the documentation available for all to read.

That documentation can be found here. (The link will open in a new tab.) It will also be made available in the "Documentation" portion of this site as well.

Working on My First Commission

As far as working on my first commission, it wasn't all that different from any other time I've worked on an entry for an Arts & Sciences competition.

The biggest difference was trying to keep track of the time and money I put into everything. Money was easy, as I simply held on to the receipts that had items I used on them.

Time was a bigger issue. Often, I don't pay much mind to the time when I begin working on a project. There are some tasks that I have a good idea of how long they take, such as hand-mincing meat with a knife taking about 20 minutes per pound. Other tasks, I had to estimate to the best of my ability. Given the nature of preserved foods, I only accounted for time spent actively working, not any amount of time spent curing/drying.

Having managed to tackle this first commission, I feel confident in my ability to handle more commissions moving forward. I'll likely keep things to one at a time, but hopefully expanding to more concurrently as time goes on.

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